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Old Fashioned with Old Tom bottle_edited

Old Fashioned


60ml Himbrimi Old Tom Gin

Half a sugar cube

A splash of Soda Water

2 dashes Orange Bitters


In a mixing glass, add the sugar and the bitters and mix them together before adding the gin.


Add the Old Tom together with the bitters and ice.


Stir until very cold.


Strain into a rock glass with big ice cubes and add a splash of soda water.

Squeeze and orange peel over the glass to extract oils, wipe the rim of the glass with the peel and add to the glass.


Made with Old Tom gin, orange bitters, simple syrup, and an orange peel, this cocktail is a classic. Even though there isnt't a grand difference in taste weather granulated sugar or simple syrup is used, the craft work of this recipe will add a rewarding feeling. Specially when finnaly tasting the bitters that tie the drink together with the star, our Himbrimi Old Tom Gin.

Old fashioned_edited.png
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