In 2013, Icelandic artist Óskar Ericsson created a homemade gin. Intended to be the perfect fishing companion he used to take it along on fishing trips in the Icelandic wilderness. Inspired by the scents of herbs that grow along the banks of rivers, the gin was an ode to the river and was named after the Himbrimi, which is the Icelandic name of the Common Loon, a bird well-known to all Icelandic fishermen.

“Himbrimi Gin was meant to be consumed in two ways. First of all, it served as a way to keep warm while fly-fishing in a flowing river and was intended to be sipped neat, much like a whisky. Then, after finally catching the arctic char and returning to the cabin, it was mixed in a tonic or stirred into a cocktail, and was to be enjoyed by the fireplace while reflecting on the day.”
– Óskar Ericsson

Himbrimi's Story

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