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Cocktail Recipes

Winterbird G&T
Old Tom Collins

A Negroni with Himbrimi Old Tom Gin will impress Negroni lovers and haters alike since the honey from the Old Tom Gin balances the bitterness and the vermouth, while the botanicals add a new depth to the Negroni.


When mixing it with a tonic, always start by serving it 50/50 gin vs tonic, and leave the bottle of tonic for the client to add and adjust accordingly. Floral tonics like a Mediterranean tonic or an elderflower tonic complement Himbrimi Winterbird, but Indian tonic works great as well, as long as it is not too sweet.


Old Tom Collins cocktail_edited_edited.j

This is a timeless concoction that was originally made with Old Tom Gin, hence the name “Tom” Collins. It is simple to make but makes a big impression, thanks to the botanical notes of Himbrimi Old Tom Gin that really complete this drink. Always use freshly squeezed lemon juice and simple syrup.
Tip: try infusing your simple syrup with lavender flowers for extra floral notes.



This beloved cocktail was created during the early ages of aeronautics. When the Créme de Violet is added, the drink turns into a sky-like color and the all the luxury that come s with it becomes evident. Although simple, it is crucial to mantain the balance between ingredients.



Gimlet, was created out of necessity when Vitamin C was needed and citrus fruit was the best way to consume it. British sailors and their officers consumed so much of it that they started to mix it with their daily doses of rum, gin and water and that mix gained the popular name of "Limeys".



The Martinez cocktail recipe emerged as a variation of the Manhattan cocktail. It is believed that the first recipe is profiled by Dutch Genever and its flavour is very close to Whiskey's. In the late 1880s, Old Tom Gin became the fashion and the Genever was long forgotten.



This Californian cocktail was created by Paul Harrington who was asked by his friend, Matt Jasmin, to make him something completely new.


White Lady_edited.jpg

Named after a platinum blonde, the White Lady is an irresitible cocktail from the early 1910s. The true creator of this recipe is lost in time and the first reference to and egg white is made in The Stork Club Bar Book from 1946 and this addition has become popular around the world.


Dry Martini_edited.jpg

This is the classic of the classics in the mixology world and as writer E.B. White has described, "The elixir of quietude".


Old fashioned_edited.jpg

Made with Old Tom gin, orange bitters, simple syrup, and an orange peel, this cocktail is a classic. Even though there isnt't a grand difference in taste weather granulated sugar or simple syrup is used, the craft work of this recipe will add a rewarding feeling. Specially when finnaly tasting the bitters that tie the drink together with the star, our Himbrimi Old Tom Gin.


White Lady
Dry Martini
Old Fashioned
Himbrimi's story.jpg

To ensure the highest quality, Óskar picks the herbs himself every summer.

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